Cinematic Story Telling - Epic Results

Cinematic Story Telling - Epic Results

The Billion-Dollar Video

California faced a crisis in K-12 education. Schools were so overcrowded that the state’s future was at risk—and so were many children. More than 50 percent of kids were giving up and dropping out. Although dire, the statistics and reports failed to inspire action.

Billion Dollar Video
The Art Simon Solution

The Art Simon Solution

Fortunately, the nonprofit Advancement Project hired Art Simon Productions. Our documentary, Invisible Kids, showed the need for action by portraying teachers’ struggles and students’ despair in five emotion-wrenching minutes.

The video moved California legislators to approve a bond measure that resulted in $1 billion in state funding for construction of 100 new classrooms, alleviating the pressure and giving at-risk kids chances to achieve their educational potential.

"Congrats on the film. It works really well at demystifying and humanizing a complex issue. It’s no surprise that they loved it in Sacramento. And congrats to everyone on the inclusion of the $1 billion set aside for overcrowded schools!"

Richard Raya
Senior Associate
"I [showed] the video around the Capitol to rave reviews. You’re wonderful. Many, many thanks for the brilliant work you’ve done this year to benefit kids in overcrowded schools."

Stephen R. English
Advancement Project